JETanchor provides a range of new capabilities with two automatic operational modes: ‘station keeping’ and ‘virtual anchor’ mode.

The JETanchor positioning system (with a new MouseBoat) is in addition to the current blue ARROW features and will allow marine operators the ability to use the new automatic modes for many operational requirements, as well as the existing manual manoeuvring modes

JETanchor positioning system will provide operators with benefits
  • More accurate station keeping than can be done manually
  • Significant reduction in operator workload
  • Reduction of crew fatigue & noise levels during standby operations
  • Reduction of operational crew numbers
  • Improves safety and reduces fuel consumption
  • Accurate GPS positioning for survey work, ROV deployments, etc. 


  • The ‘Station Keeping’ mode gives the operator  the ability to automatically hold vessel position more accurately than is possible using manual control
  • Selecting  ‘Virtual Anchor’ mode allows the system to set  a single GPS point mooring for hands-free standby operations keeping the vessel in a comfortable position
  • Low speed precision MouseBoat manoeuvring control of a vessel with one hand. 



JETanchor is now available for USV applications with blue ARROW XCI. 


The XCI features a protocol & binding to SAE J1939 that can be used from third party monitoring and control systems