Service & Support

HamiltonJet are one of the world’s leading providers of waterjet propulsion systems and we are proud of the product we deliver, and its manufacturing quality, durability, reliability, and efficiency are all part of our total value offering. From spare parts to waterjet overhauls to maintenance training,

HamiltonJet are able to offer comprehensive product support packages globally.

Waterjet propulsion and control systems are engineered for exceptional quality and maintaining your waterjet investment should reflect the same high standards. Our products and services are designed to maximise your vessels ‘uptime’ and return on investment.

Our products and services are

Product Support

Extensive global service and product support to help you protect your investment

Maintenance Solutions

Optimized maintenance services, and annual inspections will extend your equipment’s life – Contact our Regional Offices for more information.


Planned annual customized training offered by our Regional Offices to our Customers and Distributors

Parts & Consumables

Genuine spare parts and high quality consumables designed specifically for HamiltonJet waterjets and control systems

Warranty Information
Environmental & Technical