Business Continuity Update - 2 April

Date: 2 April 2020
COVID-19 Business Continuity Update – Support of essential services

I am glad to report that yesterday we received formal notification from the NZ Government that we are allowed to continue supporting essential services. This is in addition to similar agreements in place with all three of our Regional Offices (London, Singapore and Seattle).  This means that we will be able to visit our facilities and pick, pack and ship spare parts to you if your business is considered an essential service.  Please continue to make contact via email or phone in the usual way.  People are on standby to take your calls and requests, and a very small number of people are at each location preparing urgent orders (following social distancing and hygiene guidelines of course).  If you don’t already have an established contact then please see

We continue to work out emergency response plan and are still focussed on the 4 main areas:

  1. Protect our people and those we come in contact with.
  2. Adapt our business to the current situation
  3. Engage actively with our stakeholders – employees, customers, suppliers and shareholders
  4. Plan for the recovery and return to a new normal.


Thank you for your understanding at this time.

Be safe,
Ben Reed