Lockdown Thoughts - Day 49

13 May 2020
Lockdown Thoughts - Day 49 (Final Post)

7 x 7 = 49.  

I was born at 7:30pm on the 7th day of the 7th month of 1973 and weighed in at 7lbs and 7oz, so you could say 7 is my lucky number!  With Level 2 starting tomorrow and after 7 full weeks in lockdown this is a good time to stop writing a daily update.  As promised, I will do a Grapevine article each week and may find other creative outlets, but for now I thank you for reading and for the positive feedback.

I have enjoyed writing these stories.  Above all I am thankful for the opportunity to recognise those in the business who make us so successful.  However I have not been able to get around everyone so I would like to also thank: the sales teams who live life on the road to build relationships and win orders; the ASMs who support the sales folks with applications engineering, quotations and order entry; the commissioning and service engineers who represent us so well in boatyards and on customers vessels; the painters and assemblers who finish our products so well; the Quality Team who protect our reputation; the Controls Team who build our hydraulic and electronic systems; the Purchasing, Stores and Parts/Fleet teams who manage logistics for the factory and our customers; the Current Products Team who provide factory support and do as much new product work as anyone; the Systems and Documentation Team who manage parts, CAD, BOMs and manuals; the Ascent Team who are building a better IT future for us; the Finance team who keep account, process payments, pay our wages and protect the integrity of the company; and the cafeteria team who provide sustenance to many.  Thank you all.

Lastly I would like to recognise the full leadership team, including the Board of Directors who have acted to guide and support at every step.  Anyone who takes on a leadership position opens themselves to opinion and criticism.  It is not the easy road that some think and I take my hat off to anyone who puts themselves on the front line for us.

Unprecedented times like this act to remind us that we are all equal.  We have all experienced a range of emotions over the past 7 weeks but for me this has been humbling experience.  I have seen people within the HamiltonJet ‘family’ coming together to support each other in many different ways.   Something of our true nature has come through.  We are a community and can rely on each other for help and support when needed.  Like any community we have our ups and downs but, above all, we get through it with a positive attitude.  And fortunately positivity is more infectious than COVID-19. 

When we eventually get back to ‘normal’, lets continue to remember this.  By acting as a unit and protecting each other we are powerful.  Best wishes to all.