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This page consists of explanations on the HamiltonJet Product Manuals, Marketing files and how to read the GA Drawings.

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Firstly, to view all of the product manuals select Product Manuals under the Categories section, from here you will see all of the manuals that are available. They are updated following every manual revision. Note that some of the files are quite large and may take a long time to download depending on your internet connection speed.

All Product Manuals listed are the most recent versions. Revision and Amendment numbers can be found on the front page of the Manual when opened. If you have any questions regarding these manuals or previous revision/amendment versions of them, please contact your Area Sales Manager.

To open a Product Manual, simply click on it. From here you can save it to your PC via the save icon.

If you wish to download a Product Manual without opening it, simply select the download option that is found on the right hand side of the table.



We have included in our Marketing category our JetBriefs, Brochues, JetTorque and World Tour catalogues. 

All of our Brochures excluding the HJ Series Waterjets have the inDesign CS3 file zipped and include the images and fonts. They are suitable for use when translating or adding local distributor content and/or information.

The InDesign INX file (for older versions of Adobe InDesign e.g. CS2) is also in the file storage area however you will still need to download the appropriate CS3 files so that you have the images and fonts required.



In the resources area we have all of the ZIP files containing current GA and Installation Drawings for all HamiltonJet waterjet models. Please do not direct your customers to the site – rather download the files from here yourself and then distribute them to your customer/s.

Please note that all of the drawings in the resource area and just the standard drawing files and do not contain drawings for boost waterjets or specials. We can supply these drawings and others in a variety of AutoCad formats depending on what is required. Please contact your Area Sales Manager for more information.


HJ Series Waterjets

08 = Installation drawings

08 001 = GRP hulls / 5 degree intake

08 002 = Aluminium hulls / 5 degree intake

08 003 = Steel hulls / 5 degree intake

08 011 = GRP hulls / 0 degree intake

08 012 = Aluminium hulls / 0 degree intake

08 013 = Steel hulls / 0 degree intake

30 = General Arrangement drawings

30 001 = 0 degree intake option

30 002 = 5 degree intake option

30 011 & 30 012 = blue ARROW GA (only applicable for HJ292 - HJ403 waterjets)

HM Series Waterjets

08 001 = GRP hulls / 90 degree transom

08 002 = Aluminium hulls / 90 degree transom

08 003 = Steel hulls / 90 degree transom

08 004 = GRP hulls / 95 degree transom

08 005 = Aluminium hulls / 95 degree transom

08 006 = Steel hulls / 95 degree transom 


There are also exceptions where the design has been changed significantly enough to warrant a new numbering collection. For example the HM721 changes to a compression seal type transom seal so the new installation drawing numbers are 08 031, 08 032, 08 033 etc


Drawing Collection (ZIP Files)

IMPORTANT NOTE: ANY 3D shell drawings which state they have been scaled down from a different jet size are only suitable for display/presentation purposes and are NOT suitable for accurate dimension reference.