Parts & Consumables

For maximum quality, durability, performance reliability, efficiency and uptime, invest only in original parts and consumables from HamiltonJet.

Recommended Parts 

Enhance the lifetime of your waterjet products with original HamiltonJet parts—recommended by the factory these part have been developed over years of research and development.

Each part is manufactured to current HamiltonJet specifications with progressive improvements and TQM audits, ensuring the optimal match to your watejets.


Maintenance solutions 

Annual Checks 

Yearly professional inspection of your HamiltonJet propulsion and control systems by HamiltonJet trained technicians to help maximize your system’s performance 

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul

HamiltonJet Regional offices offer repair and overhaul services for the HJ waterjet range, from complete overhaul to impeller repairs, with reliability and expertise 

Product Support

Click on the map closest to your location for contact details of your nearest HamiltonJet Distributor or call us BY REGION on:

+65 656 72202 – (ASIA REGION)

+44 1342 313 437 – (EMEA REGION)

+1 425 527 3000 – (AMERICAS REGION)


If there are no Distributors near your location, either contact your nearest HamiltonJet Regional Office (as shown on the map), or HamiltonJet Global for more information.

Service & Support

HamiltonJet are one of the world’s leading providers of waterjet propulsion systems and we are proud of the product we deliver, and its manufacturing quality, durability, reliability, and efficiency are all part of our total value offering. From spare parts to waterjet overhauls to maintenance training,

HamiltonJet are able to offer comprehensive product support packages globally.


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