Product Support

Click on the map closest to your location for contact details of your nearest HamiltonJet Distributor or call us BY REGION on:

+65 656 72202 – (ASIA REGION)

+44 1342 313 437 – (EMEA REGION)

+1 425 527 3000 – (AMERICAS REGION)


If there are no Distributors near your location, either contact your nearest HamiltonJet Regional Office (as shown on the map), or HamiltonJet Global for more information.

Our Distributor network is further enhanced by authorised factory trained technicians in over 55 locations worldwide to provide comprehensive logistic support in the form of commissioning assistance, operation and maintenance training programmes and spare parts supply.

Additionally, HamiltonJet have factory-based field technicians on permanent stand-by to travel anywhere in the world at short notice, to maximise your vessel uptime.