Staff Updates

Pandemic Response Plan

Our Emergency Response Team has created a detailed Pandemic response plan and are continually reviewing and updating it. This page is the primary method of communication for employee updates.

For the most up to date Staff information please check back here or join our Facebook group.

The objective of the plan is to protect HamiltonJet staff from COVID–19, keep the business running as efficiently as possible, and deliver products and services to our customers on time or with minimal delay that circumstances allow. To do this we need to play our part in minimising the spread and effect of the virus in our communities and countries.

An overview is contained in the files below, although please note that the situation is fast moving, so the latest updates to the right should also be reviewed.

Latest Update

Date: 8 April 2020
Latest Update

Ben Reed has recorded an update on the latest Lockdown Situation.  You can watch it here:

Previous Updates

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COVID-19 Pay Update