COVID Level 2 Update

Date: 12 May 2020


On Thursday the 14th May the country will be at Level 2. At HamiltonJet the following rules will become effective:

Factory Staff:

  • All site-access procedures, work-bubbles, hygiene and social distancing measures will stay in place. ​

Office Staff:

  • We continue to encourage staff to work from home where they can do so effectively.

  • Those staff that need to be on site to work effectively can now return.  You must agree this with your supervisor and a roster is being created per department to manage staff density in busy areas.

  • All staff must park at Gate 6 and enter the factory through the door to the Impeller Cell.  DO NOT walk around the outside of the building please.

  • You must arrive between 7:00am and 8:30am to be processed on site. Between 7:00am and 7:45am you should enter the building with one of the factory teams as they are checked in.  From 7:45am to 8:30am one of the SMT will be available to check you in. The entry process involves a temperature measurement and you will be asked if you have any new symptoms. If you have symptoms you will not be allowed on site.

  • If you need to arrive after 8:30am you must arrange this with your supervisor who will ensure the access process can be followed.

  • You must mark your presence in your area on the usual magnetic boards for roll-call in the event of a fire. Remember to sign in and out.

  • You should continue to keep a log of your times on-site for contact tracing.  There is a form available here to allow you to do this. 

  • All office staff are considered a single work-bubble and 2m separation should be kept where possible. You must avoid entering the clearly marked factory bubbles and contact the supervisor of the area if you need to. 

  • Reception will remain closed. Visitors are discouraged and must not arrive un-announced. You will need to make your own arrangements if you have a visitor on site and remain on hand at all times. Visitor log forms must be completed and returned to reception when visitor leaves.

Other notes:

  • If you feel unwell please stay at home.

  • The government mandate that employees should remain on site during work hours has been lifted, so normal movements can resume.

  • The café will remain closed during Level 2. 

  • There will be no site-inductions at Level 2.

  • All rules remain part of our written Health and Safety instructions and as such must be followed at all times.

  • We are aware that in some areas our rules go beyond what is mandated for Level 2, but we have decided it is better to keep things simple and avoid a widespread re-education about new rules. 

  • A full copy of our COVID-19 Level 2 plan is available here. You must be fully familiar with it if you return to work. 

Ben Reed