Date: 8 June 2020


The government announced the decision today at 3pm to go down to Level 1 restrictions across the country as of midnight tonight (Monday 8th June).  This allows a widespread return to normal operation in NZ with only a few restrictions remaining.  This is excellent news and I wanted to thank the whole team again for their extra efforts and sacrifices during this time.  

Key changes to our operations are as follows:

  • COVID Working Plan - We will no longer be working under a written COVID-19 plan.  Across the business in operations and the offices work can return to normal.
  • Working from home - All office-based employees who have continued to work from home must return to work as of Wednesday the 10th June.  All company assets should be returned on this date as well.   Please consult with your SMT member if you have any questions about this.  
  • Café - Full cafeteria service will resume, but we will continue to only accept payment by card to avoid the handling of cash.
  • Break Times – All break times return to pre-COVID times , as will seating capacity in the Café.
  • Meeting room restrictions – Limits placed on meeting rooms will be lifted and can be used as normal.
  • Visitors and Reception – Reception will re-open.  Visitors may attend site as normal.  There will be a QR code on the wall for visitors to scan to help contact tracing.
  • Good hygiene - Everyone should maintain good hand-hygiene – Washing well with soap and water and drying your hands thoroughly remains the best method.  Please continue to sneeze of cough into your elbow.
  • Travel - International travel is still suspended unless authorised by myself.  There are very few exceptions to this, but if you have a case please begin the consultation process early.   Domestic Travel can largely resume in NZ but still needs approval from a member of the SMT.
  • Sickness – As always, if you are sick, please stay at home and remember to consult a doctor if you have cold or flu-like symptoms.  
  • Be kind – This has been a tough time for us all.  As we return to work, please look out for each other.  Make generous assumptions about someone’s behaviour if they seem different and maybe ask how they are doing.


Ben Reed