Date: 12 August 2020

NZ Team,

I strongly urge you to read this communication and the attachments carefully.  It is a while since we were at Level 2 and there are a couple of small changes.

As of 12 noon today we move to Level 2 restrictions for at least 3 days.  I suggest you all mentally prepare for this to be longer, and potentially moving to a higher level.

Attached are two documents:

  1. An overview of what Levels 1, 2 and 3 mean to us as a business.
  2. Our comprehensive Level 2 plan.
  3. The Staff movement log form.
  4. The café pre-order form


The Level 2 plan is largely unchanged from when we moved down to Level 2 in May.  Some highlights:

  • If you feel unwell please stay at home and phone the health line on 0800 611 116.
  • Those who are able to work from home are encouraged to do so at Level 2, but this is a personal choice.  If you attend work you must follow all relevant rules. 
  • If you are immune compromised, have recently travelled to Auckland, or are otherwise unhappy attending work please discuss with your supervisor.  If your role can not be performed from home and you do not attend work at this stage for any reason you can use sick leave or annual leave to cover this time.
  • Staff must start recording their attendance on the form provided.  Factory staff are to use the swipe card system to clock in and out.
  • Use of face masks is optional within the business.  If you would like one to wear at work then please contact Rob Carroll or your supervisor.  Outside work there are new rules on using face masks in areas where social distancing is hard to control such as public transport or while shopping. 
  • As of tomorrow the planned menu at the café will be suspended.  The same limited range of pre-ordered items will be available for takeaway using the same form as last time.


We will continue to communicate in the same ways as last time:, Facebook, Microsoft Teams and group text-message.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.


Ben Reed